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I hope you have enjoyed both cooking and eating Thai food based on my recipes.

From time to time, I will post a new recipe on this web site. I hope you will visit often to look for them. Please don't forget to add my site to your favorites.

In addition I spent many months cooking and photographing all my favorite recipes, which have now been compiled into an eBook.

This is a cyber picture of the ebook which contains Thai Food Recipes, which Warunee sells over the internet.

Apart from the potential to save trees, the advantages of the eBook format, are that you can download this book now, and it contains a brilliant search tool which helps you find things so quickly. For those who don't have a computer monitor in or near their kitchen, you can print out just the page or two that you need, when you need them. Should any of those pages become badly soiled, they can be reprinted, with no need to buy the book again.

As well as the recipes on this web site, there are over 50 additional ones, there is also a comprehensive glossary of ingredients, with photos to assist you in tracking them down.

The style of this eBook is very similar to this web site, but there is a lot more of it and it is better organized. I could have made it much smaller, by including no photos, but I think recipe books without photos are boring and difficult to follow. I could have made it many times bigger by including magazine quality pictures, but that would have meant you would need many hours to download it.

There are some other points I want to make very clear, before you press the purchase button.

I don't eat beef. My recipe book contains no beef recipes. It mainly contains recipes for chicken, pork and seafood dishes. I have not duplicated chicken dishes by giving the same recipe, but using pork instead. That means that almost every recipe I have provided for chicken, could also be cooked using pork and vice versa. You could also use beef instead of pork or chicken if you prefer. So in a way, the 50 recipes I have provided could easily become 150 recipes, just by changing the meat or other main ingredient being used.

Of the 55+ recipes in the eBook, the vast majority are main meal dishes. There are a few snacks, appetizers and deserts, but not many.

My eBook should work on computers with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4, Windows Me, Windows 2000 or Windows XP (it requires Internet Explorer 4 or later).

This eBook is less than 6mb in size. I just downloaded it using a broadband connection in 2 minutes 27 seconds. If you have a 56k dial up modem, it will take you a little over 20 minutes to download it.

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